2. April 2018

You can't review saws?

On his last blog entry on pww Chris Schwarz stated, that you can't review saws because at one point you'll have to sharpen ist and set it by yourself.

There are certainly more points in a review that speed in cutting and quality of the cut.
That depends on about 4 parameter, you can also describe:
  • Weight of the spine
  • Thickness of blade and how much set
  • Pitch, Fleam and Rake (the last two can be easily changed, the first not) 
  • Hang of the handle

These parameter influence each other. A higher hang needs a leighter spine or more rake.

And there are more important parameter:

  • Thicknes of the wood,
  • Quality of the over al work
  • Taper of the blade
  • taper of the spine
  • method of fixing spine and blade to each other
  • wich finish and so on.

Isn't that what a review should do? Describe the details? Not only making a few cuts and say it saws well. Every saw that sells for more than the day wage of a worker should work extremly well. 


  1. Hi Pedder,

    I think there might be a misinterpretation. My entry never said "you can't review saws." Instead, it was about how many saw reviews focus on initial sharpness.

    What is more important, as I state in the entry, are many of the points you describe.

    Reviewers (myself in the past included) rarely focus on those.

    All best,

  2. Hi Chris,

    wow, that was a fest reaction.

    Yes, reviewer have to write a review after a few weeks. At best before the product is released to the market. How many can you spend on a review? 4 Hours? To write a good review, you'll have to understand the product. Acd you should abuse and take apart the product to see how well it's made. I hade the rare chance to repair a Bad Axe and found out how extremy well the conection of the spin to the blade is. The friction was unbelievable high. Close to glued, but a bit easier to repair.

    Hope to see you in Metten. I'm on the waiting list, but certainly I don't wish any of the woodworker bad luck.