4. Januar 2011

Wer ist der Hersteller - who's the maker

Ich erhielt diese Bilder mit der Frage nach dem Hersteller. Ich kenn ihn nicht, aber Du vielleicht?
I got this pictures with the question who's the maker. I don't know but how about you?


  1. That handle looks like an Atkins (USA) "Perfection" handle from the 1950s or 1960s. The carving or embossing doesn't look like any Atkins I've ever seen though; it may be craftsman-made. The medallion also seems craftsman-made. Alternatively, maybe custom made by Atkins for European export? In the 1970s and 1980s, Sandvik also made saws that resembled great old American saws. The screws are on backwards. No etch?

    Anonymous Comment-Leaving Person

  2. Hi Pedder
    On the behalf of a friend I have cleaned up what seems to be an identical saw. The handle design is the same and the floral patterns on the hand are identical. The difference seems to be the medallion, but I am pretty sure that the maker is the same. I have three poor pictures of the saw from before clean u but it seems like I forgot to photograph the retired saw, so I am uncertain if I found an etch on the blade or not.

    Anyway, the medallion on the one I cleaned up portrayed the outlines of two mountains but also included the words "MADE IN CHECHOSLOVAKIA" which pretty much explains the country of origin. I'm guessing the motif could be the Tatra mountains.

    As I don't have the saw in my possession and my flesh memory is weak, there aren't too many thing I remember about the saw. But the handle was beech or ash or some native hardwood. What I do remember was that despite the American and Atkins influence on the handle, it was considerable narrower than that on most American vintage saws. Also I remember being perplexed by the heaviness and thickness of the saw plate. Since it wasn't mine I didn't care to measure the saw plate thickness, but I do remember flexing the saw plate and noticing that it was very dullish and had no spring to it. Not sure if it was a question of poor tensioning or just the thickness, but it didn't feel very good although it operated decently once filed and set.

    If you need more details I could ask my friend to take some pictures of it, but I'm afraid he's no good with hand tools or knowing where he put them. :-)

    Pictures can be found here:

    Greetings from Finland, Kim