23. Januar 2021

Tailed Devil

When I got intersted in woodworking I bought a second hand router. Not a bad one. A twin to Elu Mof 96. That was about 18 years ago. I used it to make a seat for my childrens swing and stored. I didn't like the way it qworked. Than I got into internet fora handtool pages and the tool was called the tailed devil. SooI forgit abut itm, but never sold it. Since I had to come back in to handlemaking I had to thickness wooden blanks of 15*15cm or 6"by 6". I konw I shoul plane them. But planing these short  blans  allwys left me with irregular blanks. I talked with Timo and he said you need a router and a router jig. I Said: I have a router and he made me the jig for it.

The blankes were coated in parrafin to protect them from cracking. The router shavings look like good wormy compost.


My son wanted to test, too:

The results a pretty ok. The wood is quite strong coloured. I don't get the black black wood any more.

19. Dezember 2020


Jens Jørgen Jensen


died on Dec 15th 2020. My thoughts are with his family. Jens was a lopped marked man and he had boxes full of tools and good things he liked to share with us. He sold me these chisels a few years ago. I know his son and his grand children better than him, but a man who raises such nice persons must have been a very good father and grand father. I will miss him!