1. Januar 2019

Base for the Drill

Today I built a base for the Drill. Also first pictures of my new shop on the blog. I just took second use wood and a door from an old kitchen cabinet. The Dril was brougt by a friend of friend, who saved it for me in southern Germany. Hope to finish the shop soon. I need to testdrive the deep stop with 1/10 mm.

29. Juli 2018

Simpson big back saw

A few years ago, maybe 8 or so, I found my first back saw in the wild, in this case a flea sheed on Sjealland, the capital island of denmark. The hanldle has wormholes, the blade and spin were rusty and the tooth line was weavy as the ocean around Sjealland in a big storm. I wouldn't have taken it, but it was the first backsaw. And it wasn't expensive. (Buying second hand in scandinavia is allways cheap.)

Not sure what it was meant to be used as. If it was american I would have said mitre saw, but the blade is thinner than on the mitre saws and the hang is much lower. So I think it was meant as a r e a l tenon saw.

This summer I'm clearing my shop from all tools I don't use, because I will move to a much smaller shop in the near future. So I cut of the weavy tooth line witt the sheer and toothed it with 8 tpi rip. Though I really like it now, I know I won't be using it in the next few years. (No construction work in sight.) So I send it to a good friend to be used what it was meant for.

2. April 2018

You can't review saws?

On his last blog entry on pww Chris Schwarz stated, that you can't review saws because at one point you'll have to sharpen ist and set it by yourself.

There are certainly more points in a review that speed in cutting and quality of the cut.
That depends on about 4 parameter, you can also describe:
  • Weight of the spine
  • Thickness of blade and how much set
  • Pitch, Fleam and Rake (the last two can be easily changed, the first not) 
  • Hang of the handle

These parameter influence each other. A higher hang needs a leighter spine or more rake.

And there are more important parameter:

  • Thicknes of the wood,
  • Quality of the over al work
  • Taper of the blade
  • taper of the spine
  • method of fixing spine and blade to each other
  • wich finish and so on.

Isn't that what a review should do? Describe the details? Not only making a few cuts and say it saws well. Every saw that sells for more than the day wage of a worker should work extremly well.