8. Dezember 2019

skin protection

When sharpening saws I use a mix on saw files and triangular neddle files. The edges of later are quite shar, so I protect my thumb with a tape.

Now Uwe sent me a pad to hold the toe of the file. Thanks, Uwe! 

because I had the camera running, a picture of mathhias Fenners saw handle. The upper ist what he sales a the regular saw maker handle. The lower is the pattern I really like and wich feels much better but does not look that nice. So maybe you should ask for the real Peddern. (Pun intended.)

Using a Saw making a saw.

17. November 2019


I had a problem with my finishing of black wood.Soem of may black woods has open pores. When I wax the wood, some of the light Carnauba wax  collects in the pores. And highlights them. So I get some pigments to darken the wax in the pores. Great question: will the pigments affect the shine?
Test on an old handle of mine: No.

No I need to clean the bench and the shop from the pigments I spread.

See the new waxed part on the handle and the old finish at the cheek.