23. Oktober 2016

packing for the extravaganza*

 Heading for North Denmark. Pcking for Jonas' and Brian's Chairbuilding Extravaganza*
Maybe, I should have visited a toolchest extravaganza* before. But I didn't and so this second hand buy will do the job.

*What this word means? I've no idea, but it sounds cool.

10. September 2016

Onions & Co

No, this is not about vegetables but a nice little dovetail saw:
Nein, hier geht es nicht um Gemüse, sondern eine Zinkensäge_

 8" long 1,5" deep, 17 tpi rip cut

200mm lang, 45 tief, 17 tpi längsschnitt

handle scan - take away pattern for your selfmade saw