16. März 2019

Saw sharpening lamp

In my new small shop I can't use my beloved Waldmann Lamp anymore. it is too wide.

When I drove to the superarket last weekend I found a sheet anouncing a House flea. There I found, again on a drawing table this lamp (the grey):

I missed to take the starter with me. and I wanted to change to LED. So I mounted to cheap small LED lamps:

Now I need to build a place for the saw vices and after that, teh shop will be ready for saw making.

10. März 2019

New Shop

Slowly I get back in saw making. I hurt my hand while the house renovating so things are very slow.

1. Januar 2019

Base for the Drill

Today I built a base for the Drill. Also first pictures of my new shop on the blog. I just took second use wood and a door from an old kitchen cabinet. The Dril was brougt by a friend of friend, who saved it for me in southern Germany. Hope to finish the shop soon. I need to testdrive the deep stop with 1/10 mm.