2. Februar 2020

Außenstelle des Industriemuseum Howaldtsche Metallgiesserei e.V.

Lucky me my father in law is the head of the Industriemuseaum Howaldtsche Metallgiesserei e.V. an association who run the Howaldtsche Metallgiessereimuseaum in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf for ten years with volunteers only. Howaldtsche Metallgiesserei means: metal foundary of Howaldt, wich is one of the biggest shipyards in Germany.

The old foundary is owned by the city of Kiel and for some reasons the co-working endet last year. The assosciation had stuffed the museum with a lot of additionally exhibition objects like an patternmaker tool chest. The cits of Kiel doesn't want to store these additional items. So the association has to find new homes.

A few weeks  ago my father in law called me and asked me if I wanted to store the Patternmakers toolcabinet. I thought: "O good, I need an additinal cabinet t store my tools". But when I arrived at the foundary, the cabinet was full. So now I am an official tool museum.

Bfor the cabinet was given to the association, it was the apprentience cabinet in one of the last foundary in Kiel. That might be the reason, all the tools are allmost unused. ANd the combination looks a bit liek no one has worked with it.  

I was suprised not to find a set of patternmakers chisels. Ony a few set of standard chisels, a few gauges, but no incannel gouges. There's a very fine Flott brace (on of the best makings, IMHO), but no drillbits at all. There are two hammer and a mallet. A lot of different files but no rasps. Some cool measure gauges (with a shrinking scale, 1%, 1,5%, 2 %) but I miss a block plane.

8. Dezember 2019

skin protection

When sharpening saws I use a mix on saw files and triangular neddle files. The edges of later are quite shar, so I protect my thumb with a tape.

Now Uwe sent me a pad to hold the toe of the file. Thanks, Uwe! 

because I had the camera running, a picture of mathhias Fenners saw handle. The upper ist what he sales a the regular saw maker handle. The lower is the pattern I really like and wich feels much better but does not look that nice. So maybe you should ask for the real Peddern. (Pun intended.)

Using a Saw making a saw.