8. Januar 2017

really old lady

I'v got an pm on the english forum:

Regarding your 'Really old saw', The name on the blade is actually 'E J Birch', not Biren. Birch (actually a tree, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birch ) is a common family name in England. Kentish Town is a district of North London, hence the 'NW' on the plate, which was the postal district in those days.

According to Simon Barley, they were tool retailers, not makers. They were probably a big enough retailer for manufacturers to stamp their name on the plate. In businesss from 1875 to about 1905. Weedington Road is still in existence.

It's hard to say who made the saw; there won't be a makers stamp, though you may arrive at an idea by comparing the shape and style of the handle with known manufacturers. Looking at the shape of the lower section of the handle, without a pronounced lower horn or other embellishments to the shape I would hazard a guess that it was what was termed 'second quality' aimed at the mass market. There are some users' name stamps on the handle which may become clearer with a little cleaning.

All best wishes from Wales

I had an old beast in the shop. I think more than 140 years. No pitting.
E.J. Birch.
Pitch changing between 2,5 and 4,5 tpi

Ich hatte Besuch von einer alten Dame
70cm lang
Zahnweite irgendwo zwischrn 6 mm und 9 mm.
Ich schätze mehr als 140 Jahre alt . Keine Schäden.

I let the Patina sit there. Die Gebrauchspuren wollte ich nicht entfernen.

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