20. Februar 2013


Don't remember if I showed this picture allready. This is a file holder in the Mekaniska verkstaden in my favorite museum skansen of stockholm.

And why this entry? Now christmas is gone for two month nearly and I can't show any new tools or work due to some heavy pc problems. The "file holder" of my pc is defect. It crashes each time I want to open a file.

I do have aquired a second hand band saw and am quite happy with it. And I learn to like my ball head vise wich I've nearly sold two years ago...

And I've found a granite sill, wich is not perfectly flat, as I found out once i transportet it 250 km in the train...

And I'm rasping, filing  and sanding wood but I can't transfer pictures to the net..

So there is life in the old ladies world but I can't show.

Auf deutsch? Funktioniert der Versuch eines Witzes nicht.....

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  1. Hallo Pedder,

    life can be so hard. Good luck to solve your troubles. Smile

    Kindly regards