24. Juni 2017


Today I realy wanted to make a lot of work on the saws of the backlog. I just have put all the tools from the Austria trip back in place, when my daughter came to the workshop, phone in the hand.
A friend asked if we would like to join them on a sailing trip watching the Windjammerparade* at the end of the Kieler Woche*.

Living in Kiel for 22 years, I've somehow managed never to have sailed here.

So no pics of saw making today (and none of sailing neither). But a very happy and refreshed saw maker.

* Windjammerparade is a  parade of tall sailing ships
* Kieler Woche is the biggest sailing event of the world and the biggest folkfest in nothern europe (and I think the third biggest in Germany after Oktoberfest in Munich and Canstatter Wasn in Stuttgart)

Edit: I've got a picture.

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