21. Juni 2019


This is my personal blog. And it is about sawa. Mostly.
I'm burning for english back saws and hand saws since I found them shortly after I found internet.
I started this blog to gather links to saw making articles and  links and to document my own journey.

The guys, who inspired me to saw making were Leif Hanson (Norse Woodsmith) and Mike Wenzloff. 
But before I even know there are modern backsaws, Pete Taran and Patrick Leach founded, raised and even sold Independence saws to Thomas Lie-Nielsen. Now Pete Taran is back in saw making under a new label: Ne plus ultra.

It's ridiculus to mark Pete as a new saw maker, but this is how my page work. Pete is the new until the next saw maker shows up.
BTW, if you are a saw maker and want to be listed, shoot me an e-mail with the link to your blog or home page.

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