11. August 2019

Harrison dovetail saw

I saw this saw on instagram. The owner had a problem with a bow in the blade. The Instagram solution was: Let it as be.

But the owner was kind enough to send me the saw.

The numbers: Dovetail saw By Harrison.
There are four makers of this name in Simon Barley's book.

The yougest is Wiliam Harrison, Huxton, who made saws until 1868. So at least 150 years for this old lady.

Length 9" or 230 mm
Tapered blade now 1 3/16" or 31mmm at the toe and 1 3/8 or 35mm at the heel.

Very thin blade for that old saw: 0,3mm or 0.012"

I restored the toothing to 18 tpi what is close to what I found.

The spine is 6mm*16mm (please inch people calculate for yourself)

The handle ist one of the most delicate I've seen. The wood is 20mm (a hair above 474 inch) thick and the thinnest place at the transmission is 12mm (1/2 inch).

Well packed by the owner. Brits usually use two layers of cardbox with some tape.
The nuts have been tuoched before but that is long ago.
the back nut shows the unscrewing, too.
hard to show the wave in the blade
The blad was hold firmly by the spine. I had not enough courage to try to take it apart.
Cuting before the toothing
if it is that bad, better don't try to reshape the teeth.

After retoothing.

The wave is there, but it doesn't hurt the cutting power
the cuts are straight and plane. 
Crosscuts are ok, too. (Would be better in hard wood.)
I think the blade is rusty under the handle. The holws are a bit too wide. So the spine shakes in the handle. This wedge hleps. The owner will have to decide if he cuts another wedge.
A scan for anybody who wants to make a copy of the handle

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