28. März 2010

Mehr Bilder - More pictures

ich wurde gebente, Bilder vom Griff zu machen. Voilá:

Subtitles: someone asked for more pictures. Voilá!


  1. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

    The materials and shapes are strikingly beautiful.

    Oh, so close to perfection ... Boat builders, and craftsmen of other sorts, like to line up the slots of neighboring screw heads. Can the slots of the saw nuts be made to line up in a straight line?

  2. Thank you for the kudos.

    Yes, it is opossible, but it takes work to do. every screw is fully tightened and has to be. so just turning until it looks right is not an option. Before sending a saw off, I remove a tiny little bit of wood from the ground of the screw hole.

  3. Sorry for that previous post being anonymous. I dislike anonymous criticism, or praise, and I imagine you might also

    The "Name/URL" selection for the comment did not work correctly when I posted, so it appears as anonymous.

    I am Bob Easton. I build boats and other woodworking projects, and keep a blog at http://bob-easton.com/blog

    By the way, engineers call the intentional alignment of screw heads "clocking" as in setting then to the same "o'clock" position. For mechanical contrivances, that technique is often used as a way to quickly visually assess that nothing has cone loose.

    THANKS for all the beautiful work. I enjoy Old Ladies immensely.

  4. Hi Bob,

    I now and enjoy your blog for a long time. You'll find a link to the newest entry down right.

    Cheers Pedder