26. Oktober 2016

The Communist Prisoner Gourmet Chair Building Extravaganza on Mors

So the not so extravagant but very anarchist toolchest arrived saftly on Mors. Watched by the eyes of some really grumpy old men.

After arrival we made a plan. Jonas, Brian and Alex are suppposed to use this very cool jointer and thicknesser all the day. I was so scarred by the look  of the machine, I took at least half of my pictures one of them jointing or thickniessing. At he end of Day two I even tried thiscknessing myself, buit no way do the jointing. 

After all the maple and Scyamore and Elm has been cut to sticks for the Rorkhee-Safari Chairs Jonas started to turn the stretcher.  So if anybody wonderes why I brought my own ear protectors, it was not about hand sawing.  But did you ever noticed the silence in the noise? If it is just loud enough, I get calm and conentrated under my double ear protectors.

So I could do all the marking and beating out the mortices after Jonas has jointed my stock. You'll find some pictures of me beating on Brian's report of day one.

So this is what I ended up after day one. My very first completed set of mortices. I need more practice on this, but I won't get in my cellar of  6 family house. Maybe I'll chang to the drillout practice. But I had to try it once I had the opportunity.

Some impressions

Brian burning in some lindseed oil on his diszinked toolchest handles.

Jonas hand sawing (no ear protectors!) a full length tool rest for the turning bench

Marking the tenons with the coolest pencils of all

Some of the tools I've used (They've been so happy)

Marking some more sticks?

Brian with some fancy alligator leather
Testing some rivets

So after two days of woodworking, drinking much coffe and little beer and an enormous number of fantastic meals I had to left the 2. Biannual Danish Chairbuilding Extravaganza yesterday. We had a great time and I actually started my first piece of furniture from scrap. (I made some furniture before but more in a dyi way than in a woodworking way.) ((Actually I've started  a few furniture fromn scrap projects before, but they aren't finished yet. Allways a saw in the way.)) The stool it is not ready yet, either. But more than halfway done. At least the wooden part of it. At least I hope it to be. I'll try to finish before Jens has finished his tool chest.

Next time I'll report about the tools I bought from Jens (Jonas father). Anybody happen to know what this is? Bookbinding tool, that is clear, but what do you do with it?

What I can't describe on English (nor German, btw.) is the friendliness and the familiarism of the guys I met. And this is not only about the woodworking guys, but Jonas' hole family. These have been two of the best days of my life. Hope to be part of the next Extravaganza. I was honored and lucky to be part of this one!


  1. The bookbinding tool i for cutting the pages of a book block flush. I believe it is called a plough.
    Have a look here: http://www.edenworkshops.com/Lying_Press_And_Plough.html

    Regards Mikkel

    1. Hah Mikkel;

      I bet with the guys it will take under 3 hours to get the answer to the question after asking it! You beat me by more than two hours! Very cool thank you!


  2. Hi Pedder, Thanks so much for coming! We all were glad you were able to come, even though it was only two days. I look forward to seeing your completes stool (and catching up on sleep next week)!

  3. Hi Pedder.

    Thanks you so much for joining the DCBE.
    I finally have a little chance to catch up an emails and stuff. Though it is more fun to be in the workshop.
    Next project for me will be to complete the travelling bookcases, and luckily for me, the next part is dovetailing the drawers :-)
    I am looking so much forward to using the nice new saw.